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I Will Give You The Secret Of Learning Piano!

Unleashed The FULL POTENTIAL Of Piano Technique, Efficient Playing Practice Strategies.


Introductory Piano Class At The Comfort Of Your Home Without The Hassle Of Traffic Jam and Unnecessary Travelling Expenses. 

I Will Give You

The Secret Of Learning Piano!


My Experience Through Learning Piano

“Learning to play the piano is a life-changing experience. And as a parent, the process is exciting to watch. Being an important part of this accomplishment is incredibly rewarding!

Let me tell you a personal story about how I started my career in piano. I learned piano at the age of 11 years old from my Kindergarten teacher. My parents were very supportive when I told them about my interest in piano after 3 months of learning they decided to buy me the first piano using their life savings. Even though is compulsory to play the classical repertoire during my early days, my piano teacher does reward me with some leisure pieces for me not to feel bored & loss of interest. Because of her excellent teaching techniques & patience, my interest in piano grew furthermore.

This present-day, I continue to create a fun, lively & enjoyable environment for the students. I believe the piano is a life long journey and is not just merely to focus on the exam pieces but a holistic form of
music interaction & enjoyment with your loved ones.”


“We Cultivate Your Children With Interest & Passion By Encouragement Them To Do Better & Explore Their Full Potential.”.


Everything Is About To Change

If You Are Interested In Learning Piano

If You Like To Explore Your Kids Interest Into Learning Piano

If You Want Tp Play In Leisure Or FulFillment Of Your Childhood Dream

Please Take a Moment To Read This Because It Could Potentially Change The Course
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I’ve to Provided Guidance For My Students To Improve Their Disciplinary Qualities by Helping Them in Focusing and Multitasking Their School Workload for them to Excel In The School Examinations, Music & Sports.

For Adults, I Helped Them To Overcome Their Stress and Mood From Customised Lesson Plan. They Find It More Comfortable and Enjoyable
To Follow The Piano Lesson.

What Parents Have To Say…

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Oliver & Winnie (Mother)

“The first few months weren’t easy as Cammy needs to bring back the interest and joy of learning piano for Oliver. I can see that she tried various ways to make Oliver learn and practice piano. Eventually, her dedication paid off. Oliver started to have the initiative to sat down half an hour every day to practice the piano. So within the MCO period, his interest in piano grew tremendously. Cammy gave him lots of encouragement. That made Oliver felt more confident and wanted to perform better each time.
In short, I’m glad that I send Oliver to Cammy and her dedication and passion brought back the joy of piano playing to Oliver.”

Heng Teng (Mother) from UK Via Online Lesson

“Cammy is a fantastic teacher. Her lessons are well structured and thorough that providing a solid foundation for my child’s interest to develop. As it is a distant learning format, she goes out of her way to make sure that her lessons are beneficial by being fully prepared with different visual setups, and discussing what works best on our end. She is extremely patient and encouraging, and it comes as no surprise that my son looks forward to learning from her every week.
I hardly needed to remind him to practice because he would do so himself!. It’s remarkable how Cammy managed to create a learning environment that is friendly and inspiring, through the screen. I would highly recommend Cammy.”

About Me

Cammy Chooi

Founder of Cammy Music Academy

Full Time Piano Teacher

7 Years Full Time in Teaching Piano Through Mobile Platform

Prepare Students For Competition and Concerts


Experiences and Accomplishments

Coached A 65 Years Old Grandma To Perform “The Moon Represent My Heart” in 3 Months’ Time To Her Family Gathering.

Taught A Student From Zero Basic Music Background To Perform In Her Wedding Within 6 Months.

High Scores in Exams For Most Higher Grade Students Achieved in Their Piano Practical & Theory Examination.

The First Piano Teacher in Klang Valley To Conduct Piano Lessons For The Mummy-To-Be To Bond With Their Fetus.

Yes, I Want Cammy To Show Me The Secret Of Playing Piano
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+60 12-221 7897